This site is dedicated to the study of the origins and distribution of the surname BRAZENOR, including its variants. The photograph heading this page taken in the 1890’s, shows John Brazenor and his son Albert Edward, together with assistants and onlookers, in front of their saddlery shop at 187 Camberwell Road, London.

If you want to know how the name probably originated go to Origins. For images of people, places and churches click on Photo Gallery.  If you choose Profiles you will find biographies for some Brazenor/Brazener/Brazner individuals. A click on Ancestor Charts will allow you to choose a chart depending on where your Brazenor family is living eg, Australia, Great Britain or the United States.Under Archival Documents I intend to post transcriptions of Wills, Military Records, Newspaper Articles, Apprenticeship Records, etc. In Resources, I will share information not freely or easily available elsewhere which I have obtained whilst advancing my study of the name. I have previously posted all the Brazenor, and variants, data from the UK Censuses 1841 -1901, into the Brazenor Archive on the website of the Guild of One-Name Studies,  www.one-name.org

Finally, much effort and considerable expense has gone into the gathering and analysis of data for this site. It is presented here freely. Hopefully, it will help you discover more about your Brazenor/Brazener/Brazner ancestors. However, I respectfully request that you kindly refrain from posting this information on public trees, on commercial family history websites.

Aubrey Cox

E mail   brazenor@one-name.org