I have subdivided this section into Brazenor Churches, Brazenor Places and Historical Photographs of  Brazenors & Brazners. All the photographs of the churches and places associated with Brazenors were taken by me. I have not claimed copyright on them but if you copy and  publish them in print or online I ask that as a courtesy you attribute them to me.

The historical photographs I have posted here I believe are old enough to be out of any copyright that may have existed. Many of them, including this site’s header photograph, have been kindly sent to me by Brazenors/Brazeners/Brazners or their descendants. The oldest photograph is that of Robert Wilding Brazenor (1818 – 1901), who was born in Shropshire but spent most of his life in Sussex. Probably of most interest to Australians is a photograph of William Brazenor (1833 – 1916), taken in Melbourne in 1888.