Brazenor – Churches

All Saints Worthen

Brasnells and Brasners were associated with Worthen Church from at least 1558

All Saints Church Worthen, Shropshire

In many British villages the church is the one accessible physical link to the past. For the most part houses, inns and schools come and go but although a church may have taken many forms, been enlarged and even rebuilt, the site of a church in the majority of cases remained fixed. Family historians are therefore drawn to churches because they played a central part of their ancestors lives and landscape. For centuries before the introduction of civil registration, baptisms marriages and burials, recorded at the church, marked the passing of generations of ancestors. Some historians may be lucky to find a memorial to an ancestor in a church, or even more fortunate, in the churchyard where the ravages of time and weather are much harsher. The earliest Brazenor grave that I have found is Ann Braznor’s at Worthen, shown below. It is probably the world’s oldest memorial to a member of the Brazenor/Brazener Family.


Ann Braznor’s headstone at All Saints, Worthen


St George's Church, Pontesbury

St Georges Pontesbury, Shropshire  – Brazenors worshiped here between 1684 – 1864


St Ethelreda's Church Hyssington

St Ethelreda’s Church Hyssington where Robert Brazenor married Catherine Marson in 1761 and where their daughter Catherine Brazenor married Mark Preece in 1810.



St Peter's Church, More

St Peter’s, More, Shropshire. Robert & Catherine Brazenor, of Hyssington, and also some of their children were buried here.



St Peters Church, Astley, Worcestershire


St Peters Church Astley.  Blount Family chest tomb of the 1570,s

St Marys Church, Shrawley, Worcestershire


ints Church, Shelve, Shropshire

All Saints Church, Shelve, Shropshire. Mark & Catherine Preece (nee Brazenor) are buried here.


Headstone 181, Shelve Churchyard  – Mark & Catherine Preece, nee Brazenor