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  1. Frank McGuire says:

    Hi, i have really enjoyed your excellent write-up of the Brazenors. I am descended from Jane Brazenor’s sister Sybella Beeby and am writing up that family’s history. Do you have any photo of Jane by any chance?

    • aubcox says:

      Hello Frank,
      Thanks for your comments. Unfortunately, I do not have any photographs of Edward and Jane, or their descendants. I believe there is a photograph of Grace, at school in Gore Bay, but my attempt at getting a copy was unsuccessful. I did not know that Jane had a sister Sybella but I am not surprised, as I believe her grandmother was a Sybella Bell.

      I think I have a few loose ends with Jane’s ancestors – will read my notes and then contact you direct by email.

      Thanks again,


  2. Lorraine Brazener says:

    Thank you for this very interesting site. My husband Robert Brazener and I live in Rochester New York.His father came to the USA from Birmingham England in the 1950s. We are anticipating going to Birmingham England this summer

    • aubcox says:

      Hi Lorraine,
      Thank you for your kind comment and interest. If you have not already done so take a look at the ancestor chart for George Brazener. It is your husband’s direct line back to Brazenor/Brazener origins at Worthen, in Shropshire. You can then look at profiles for some of these ancestors.

      I do not know how much time you will have in the UK, but if you have not already done so visit Ludlow, Shropshire, where Thomas Brazener married Mary Lea, in 1816, at the magnificent Church of St Lawrence, one of the largest parish churches in England. Their first child Thomas was also baptised there.

      If I can be of any further assistance just let me know.

      Best wishes
      Aub Cox

  3. Dean Garrison says:


    Thank you for putting this website together. I am a decedent of the Brazenor line that settled in New York after arriving in Boston, Mass.

    • aubcox says:

      Hi Dean,
      Thank you for your kind comment. If you need further info or can add to the Brazenor family history please let me know.

      Best wishes
      Aub Cox

      • Dean Garrison says:

        I do have some information on the Robert Goode Brazenor line that you are looking for. Please email me. Thanks!

  4. Bruce Whisnant says:

    Hello Aubrey:
    Through the magic of the internet I found your site today! William Keene Brazner was my great-grandfather, Wm. K. Brazner Jr. was my grandfather and Wm. K. Brazner III was my uncle (my mother’s little brother). My mother, Claire Brazner Whisnant celebrated her 90th birthday this past November and is still going strong. She will love to see some of this family history, we weren’t aware of the different spellings of the name. If you’re interested I have some photos that I could send you, one especially good one from my parents wedding reception in 1946 in the backyard of her parents home where all three Wm. Brazners are seated side-by-side.
    Bruce Whisnant

    PS – we chose ” Keene” as my son’s middle name.

    • aubcox says:

      Hi Bruce,
      Nice to hear from you, it’s good to have some feedback.
      Your Mum might be surprised then, to find that she has BRAZENER relatives in Illinois and New York State. Of course, she has many in Nottinghamshire and Gloucestershire in the UK.
      I would be delighted to receive any BRAZNER family photos you might like to share. With your permission, I could add some of the earliest ones to the historical photos page. As well as the individuals, I am interested in the places, houses and churches associated with them.

      You can email me at the Guild of One-Name Studies :-

      Best wishes,

      Aub Cox

  5. aubcox says:

    G’day Rebecca,

    Thank you for your post. My wife is descended from Catherine Brazenor and Mark Preece. Catherine was a sister to your William (1762 – 1846). The thing I find amazing is that whilst the Brazenor/Brazener name disappeared from Shropshire and is now to be found around the world, some of Catherine & Mark’s descendants still farm the same land in Shropshire.
    What diverse paths we all tread!
    Best wishes

    Aub Cox

  6. Rebecca Brazener says:

    Hi, we have looked through your information and found it very interesting. We have researched the Brazener family tree before but you have provided many more links.

    Thank you for making this accessible on the internet.


    The Brazener family in Nottingham

  7. aubcox says:

    Hi Val, thanks for your kind comment. Colonel Wm Brazenor was a great Australian and he is deservedly mentioned in the Australian Dictionary of Biography.
    More general information on the name Brazenor ca be found at
    If you need any further information I can be contacted at
    Thanks again.

  8. VAL says:

    HI i have found your site very informative and easy to navigate. My family link is a distant one through William Brazenor (Coogan)’s daughter .It was great to view certificates and his father’s will!

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