Francis Brasenor (1810 – 1868) and Sarah (abt 1816 – 1863)

Not a great deal is known of this couple or their ancestors for apart from knowing his parent’s names Francis is a bit of a loose end. His parents were John Brazenor and Elizabeth Lloyd, who married at St Julians, Shrewsbury, Shropshire, on 6 November 1809. They lived at Nobold, a village which is now on the western perimeter of Shrewsbury, and Francis was baptised at nearby Meole Brace on 23 September 1810, followed by his sister Ann, baptised on 23 April 1814. Their father John died young, aged just twenty nine, and was buried at Meole Brace, on 24 August 1814. John’s baptism, as yet, has not been found so his parents are unknown. Elizabeth Brazener (sic), his widow, remarried to a William Ramsell, at Meole Brace, on 13 June 1825, so we can probably surmise that Elizabeth was not left in desperate circumstances when John expired in 1814.

Francis Brazenor is next heard of in 1831, when a parish bastardy order was made against him for Sarah Jones, of Pontesbury, and her male child. Francis was a coal miner of Upton Magna, however, it is very likely that the couple met at Asterley, in Pontesbury parish. Asterley, just two miles northwest from Pontesbury, was the scene of small scale coal mining during the 18th and 19th centuries. In 1841, Sarah Jones was living at Asterley, with her four children, the eldest of whom, William Jones, was an eleven year old miner. Presumably, he was the son she had by Francis Brasenor, in 1830. By the census of 1851, Sarah Jones had married coal miner William Greenwood and had produced four little Greenwoods, in addition to three Jones children, who were described as “the wife’s family”. Perhaps this had been a reasonable outcome for Sarah after a shakey start in life. William Jones, her son presumed to have been fathered by Francis, had flown the coup.

In the meantime Francis Brasenor had migrated to Walsall, in Staffordshire, where coal mining was being conducted on a much larger scale than at Asterley. By about 1837, Francis had met another Sarah, who had been born in Lancashire, in about 1816. In the census of 1841, Francis was a miner and his family consisted of Sarah, daughter Elizabeth who had been baptised at Walsall on 25 March 1838, and daughter Catherine baptised there on 25 August 1839. By 1851, Francis and Sarah had produced three more children all of whom were born at Bloxwich, Staffordshire, John in 1841, Hannah in 1845 and lastly Sarah Jane in 1849.

Elizabeth Brazner, the eldest of the siblings, married William Jennings, at Walsall, on 29 September 1861. Her mother Sarah Brazner, died at Walsall, in 1863, followed by her father Francis, in 1868. Hannah Brazner married Joseph Stackhouse, at Walsall, on 1 April 1873. Of the other siblings, John and Sarah Jane did not marry. The family was close knit with the single siblings living with their married siblings from time to time. Catherine was living with her brother John in 1871, when she was aged thirty two; she has not been found thereafter. John was living with Elizabeth and William Jennings in 1881, and with his widowed sister Hannah Stackhouse, in 1891 and 1901. He was the informant at the death of Hannah in 1906, when they were living together at 53 Lewis Street, Walsall.

Sarah Jane was a live-in domestic cook at Wolverhampton, in 1881. In 1891, she was living with her sister Elizabeth and William Jennings but by 1901, she was with her sister Hannah and brother John. A decade on and Sarah Jane was living with John and had become a stationer/shopkeeper. In 1912, she is listed in a trade directory as keeping a shop at 40 Providence Lane, Leamore, Walsall, and was still at the same address in 1921. John Brazner  died at Walsall, in the March Qtr of 1931, aged 89. His sister Sarah Jane Brazener followed him in 1933, aged 83.

Ann Brasoner, daughter of John and Elizabeth Brazenor, nee Lloyd, was baptised at Meole Brace, Shropshire in 1814. She had a daughter, Sarah Ann Brasoner who was born in 1838, at Walsall. Sarah Ann Brazon (sic), aged 20, married at St Peter and St Paul’s Church, Aston, Warwickshire, on Boxing Day 1857, to engineer John Cook, but she was unable to provide her father’s name for the register as he was “Not Known”. Ann Brazner, sister of Francis, and mother of Sarah Ann, died at Walsall, in 1872, aged 58.