William Herbert Brazenor (1879 – 1926)

William, who was born in London, England, emigrated to the USA, living firstly in Worcester, Massachusetts, before settling at Providence, Rhode Island. He was the second son of Robert and Elizabeth Brazenor, nee Brodie and great grandson of Richard and Mary Brazenor, nee Cooper of Pontesbury, Shropshire. Born 18 July 1879, at St Pancras, he was baptised at Holy Trinity Church in the parish of St Marylebone, on 31 August 1879. At the time of his birth the family was living at 13 University Street, St Pancras and his father Robert, was a carpenter. The family was still in St Pancras in 1881 but by then had moved to 24 Gresse Street. In 1891, they were living at 25 Gosfield Street, Marylebone. On the 26 May 1900, William Herbert left Southampton on the ship St Paul, bound for New York. He was single, aged 20 and gave his occupation as carpenter.

William is next recorded getting married on 29 May 1902, at Worcester, Massachusetts, his bride being Sarah Gannon, who was born in Ireland , the daughter of John and Annie Gannon. On 10 March 1903, they had their first child William, born at Worcester. Later that year William H was joined by his elder brother Robert Goode Brazenor and his family. It appears that William was the  path finder sent to check the place out. In July 1905, William and Sarah had a daughter Lucy, at Worcester,  who died that same month. Sometime between 1905 and 1907 William and his family moved to Providence, Rhode Island, where tragedy struck again in August 1907, with the death of their four month old son Walter, who had been born at Providence.

In 1908, their daughter Violet was born at Providence. They have not been found in the 1910 Census. Over the next ten years they had three more children at Providence – Albert in March 1911, Alice in December 1915, and Robert J in March 1917. On 12 September 1918, William Herbert filled out his WW1 enlistment forms for the army draft, even though an armistice had already been agreed, to take affect 11 November 1918. He was a carpenter living with his wife Sarah, at 89 Wadesworth Street, Providence. For some reason he overstated his age by five years and he was of medium height and build with blue eyes and brown hair. He was a British citizen, born in England.

Two years later in the 1920 Census, William and Sarah together with William, Violet, Albert, Alice and Robert were living at Aquidneck St, Providence. William was working as a construction carpenter and his son, William junior, was a chauffeur. On the 29 June 1926, William Herbert died aged 45, his next of kin being Robert Brazenor (presumably his brother Robert Goode Brazenor, of New York) and Lydia Brayton (relationship unknown). Why was Sarah not listed as his next of kin, were they still married?  The 1930 Census has Sarah’s marital status as being divorced, rather than widowed. Robert’s sons William, Albert and Robert all married and continued the Brazenor name. Sarah was still living in Providence during the 1940 Census  when her status was widowed but as yet her own death event has not been found.