George Brazener (1834 -1907) and Martha Allen (1835 – 1891)

George Brazener, the seventh son of Thomas and Mary Brazener, was born at Astley, Worcestershire in 1834. His parents had migrated from Shropshire, sometime between 1822 and 1824. He was with them in the 1841 Census, when their name was spelled Brazner, and again in 1851, when he was a 16 year old agricultural labourer. He has not been found in the 1861 Census.

George and Martha possibly met and married sometime in 1861 or 1862. Their marriage has not been found. They were in Cheltenham, Gloucestershire when their first son William Allen Brazener, was born in the Sept Qtr of 1863. However, William was probably not Martha’s first child. During the 1861 Census, Martha Allen had been living with her parents at Great Witley, Worcestershire, and was employed as a laundress. Also with Martha’s family, in 1861, was a one year old baby Elizabeth Allen, described as “Dau’s daughter”. Martha had a younger sister Jane who was 21 in 1861 and a brother James. In the 1871 Census, 11 year old Elizabeth Allen was still living with her grandparents at Great Witley.

Further children were born to George and Martha, at Cheltenham, including Henry George Allen in 1865, Fanny Amelia in 1867, Alice Amelia in 1868 (both these girls died as infants), and Caroline Emily in 1870. In 1871, the family was at Cheltenham and consisted of George, who was now a gardener, Martha, William, Henry and Caroline. However, their daughter Caroline died in the June Qtr of 1871. They were going through a bad patch with the deaths of three daughters in just four years. At some time after 1871, George and Martha must have decided that Elizabeth Allen should join them because, in the 1881 Census, a 21 year old Elizabeth Allen Brazener was living and working in Cheltenham.

In the June Qtr of 1876, their son Arthur Frank was born, followed by another in the December Qtr of 1880, whom they named Thomas James. So, by 1881, the family, which was then living at Charlton Kings, Cheltenham, consisted of George and Martha and their four sons William, Henry, Arthur and Thomas. Elizabeth Allen Brazener, probably Martha’s daughter, was employed as a servant to a Mr Osmond, a Professor of Music, living at 2 Strathmore Villas, College Road, Cheltenham. George was employed as a gardener and his son William was a gardener’s assistant. In the September Qtr of 1885, William married Susan Goodwin Eyre, at Cheltenham. In the following year in the December Qtr, Elizabeth Allen Brazener married Edwin Meek, at Pontypridd, Glamorgan, Wales. Unfortunately, she was to die there on 8 July 1893, and was buried at Trealow Cemetery, Glamorgan.

At the 1891 Census, only the youngest boys Arthur and Thomas were still living with George and Martha at Charlton Kings, because William had by then set up his own home, and Henry, now also a gardener, was in lodgings at Wheatenhurst, Gloucestershire. Later that year, in the December Qtr, Martha Brazener, nee Allen, passed away aged only 56.

In the Census of 1901, George Brazener, then a 66 year old gardener, was a patient at Cheltenham General Hospital. His son, Arthur Frank, aged 25, was working as a gardener at Shardlow, Melbourne, in Derbyshire. His youngest son Thomas Brazener, a gardener, aged 21, was lodging at Astley, Worcestershire with his widowed cousin Martha Brazener. Astley, was his father’s birthplace, and he had many relatives in the area. The following year, in the December Qtr of 1902, Arthur Frank Brazener married Frances Kate Barrett, in Gloucestershire.

George Brazener, gardener, husband of the late Martha Brazener, passed away at Cheltenham, in the June Qtr of 1907. Their youngest son Thomas James Brazener married Julia Frances Page, at Cheltenham, in the June Qtr of 1910.

This Brazener line continues to the present day through William Allen Brazener and his son Cyril Robert Brazener.