Randolph Brasner (1630 – 1704)

Randolph, otherwise referred to as Randolphi, Randeli, Randolpho, Randel, Randall and Randle is the earliest Brazenor for which it is possible to construct a worthwhile profile. His birth is unknown but he was probably born at Worthen, Shropshire, in about 1630. The early Brazenors at Worthen and in the surrounding hamlets appear to have been farmers.  On 20 May 1659, it is recorded that Randolph Brasner of Lee (now known as Leigh), in Worthen Parish, married Margareta Niccolls at Worthen. Margaret was probably the Margaret Niccols baptised at Worthen in 1630, the daughter of John Niccols, if only because they named their first son John as custom required. Between 1660 and 1675, Randle and Margaret produced at least seven children including  John, Thomas, Margaret, William, Joseph, Robert and Margaret 2. Of course, they also named another son Randle but his baptism record has not been found.

Worthen from Bromlow Hill

In 1672, Randle Brassnor is recorded as having paid twelve shillings as Hearth Tax, levied on his home  at Bromlow, a hamlet in Worthen Parish. He had a substantial home, which possibly still exists, with six hearths/chimneys for which he paid the third highest tax in the parish. Nearby, at Lee, Rowland Brassnor paid six shillings for his three hearth household. A few years later in 1675, Randell Brassenoll witnessed the signing of an agreement made between two local landowners concerning two parcels of land at Bromlow. It is informative that Randell made his mark with a cross, indicating that he was illiterate for all his being a relatively wealthy person. This probably partly explains the diverse spelling of his name.

A 17th Century house near Bromlow

In 1690, Elizabeth Brazener of Pontesbury, wife of Randle Brazener, petitioned the Court of Quarter Sessions for maintenance for her children, her husband being a soldier away on service. The following July, the Court ordered Randle Brazener of Lee, in the parish of Worthen, to pay twelve pence weekly towards the maintenance of his grandchildren. Likewise Francis Ash of Harlscott,  Elizabeth’s father, was ordered to pay six pence weekly towards his grandchildren’s upkeep. Randle Brazener had married Elizabeth Ash in 1684, at Meole Brace, and the court orders reveal that this Randle was the son of Randle Brazener of Lee.

Margaret Brasenor of Lee, was buried at All Saints Church, Worthen, on
10 February 1703/4,  to be followed by her husband Randolph on 12 May 1704. Their Brazenor, Brazener and Brazner descendants are now to be found in the United Kingdom, the United States, and Australia.