Robert Brazenor (1806 – 1873) and Lucy Liddelow (Abt. 1812 – 1896)

Robert, baptised on 29 May 1806, was the fifth and youngest son of Richard and Mary Brazenor (nee Cooper), of Pontesbury, Shropshire. His father Richard was a saddler, who taught his trade to all his sons, as well as several apprentices. Robert’s eldest brother William had already moved from Pontesbury to Birmingham before 1816, and by 1821 he had a saddlery business at 6 Carrs Lane Birmingham. Robert probably finished his training with his father in about 1827, but it is not known when he moved to Birmingham to join his brother William. What is known is that in 1838, William and Robert were the victims of a crime of theft, when a case was heard at the Birmingham, Warwickshire Quarter Sessions, on 10 November.

William was to stay in Birmingham, to be joined there by his brothers Thomas and Richard but Robert is next found at Hollies? Street, Marylebone, Middlesex, in the 1841 Census, when he was recorded as Robert Braznore. Robert was a 29 year old saddler, who had been born “out of county”, and who was working with, or for, a William Crowther, saddler.

In about 1842, Robert met and married Lucy Liddelow, presumably at Marylebone, and in the following year they had a son Samuel, born at Marylebone in the Dec Qtr. of 1843. Their daughter Mary Liddelow Brazenor was born on 22 December 1845, at Marylebone. However, it was to be an awful Christmas for them as their two year old son Samuel, passed away and was buried on 28 December 1845, at Marylebone. On the 3 March 1848, Robert and Lucy’s third child Robert Liddelow was born at Marylebone. In the census of 1851 Robert, Lucy, Mary and Robert junior were recorded at Marylebone, but the entry is poor. No places of birth or occupations were recorded and the family name is difficult to read and has been transcribed as Brayner on popular family history websites. Mary Liddelow Brazenor and Robert Liddelow Brazenor were baptised together at Marylebone, on 4 January 1852, their birth dates were recorded and the family was residing at 17 George Street, Marylebone.

In the censuses of 1861 and 1871, the family is still together at the same address. Lucy’s birthplace is given as Ringland, Norfolk, and Robert junior’s occupation was carpenter. The surname Liddelow (Littlelow) was in use in Norfolk, in the 1800’s, but Lucy’s baptism has not been found. In the December Qtr. of 1873, Robert Brazenor, saddler, died aged 67. The National Probate Calendar records that he died on 20 November 1873, and that he was late of 17 George Street, Portland Place. Probate was proved by Lucy Liddelow Brazenor widow, relict and sole executrix, of the same address. His effects were recorded as being valued at under 450 GB Pounds. At the time in 1873, that sum would have been an enormous amount for the average person and the fact that he appeared on the probate calendar at all, almost certainly meant that he owned his own home.

On 1 October 1876, Robert Liddelow Brazenor married Elizabeth Sophia Brodie at Holy Trinity Church, Marylebone. Robert was a carpenter of 17 George Street, Marylebone. Elizabeth was the daughter of William Good Brodie, cooper, and Mary Liddelow Brazenor, Robert’s sister, was a witness. In 1878, Robert and Elizabeth registered the birth of Robert Good Brazenor, their abode at that time being 80 Cleveland Street, Marylebone. In the census of 1881 Robert and family were living at Gresse (Greek?) St Pancras, while his mother and sister were still at Marylebone. In 1883 and 1885, when Robert and Elizabeth’s children Lucy May and Walter respectively, were born, they were living at 25 George Street, Marylebone.

In 1890, Lucy Liddelow Brazenor was on the Electoral Roll for No.7 Ward, Portland Place, living at 17 Gosfield Street, her qualification being property ownership. In the 1891 Census, Lucy and daughter Mary were at 17 Gosfield Street and son Robert and his family were at 25 Gosfield Street, Marylebone. It would appear that George Street had probably been renamed Gosfield Street.

In 1896, Lucy Liddelow Brazenor passed away at Marylebone, aged 84. Her daughter Mary Liddelow Brazenor, aged 55, was still living at Marylebone in 1901, as was her brother Robert and his family. In the Census of 1911, Mary Brazenor is probably the female M. Brazenor, aged 65, recorded at an institution at Epsom, Surrey. In the December Qtr. of 1921, Mary Brazenor passed away at Epsom, Surrey, aged 75, (V 2a P 57).

This Brazenor line continued through Robert Liddelow Brazenor’s sons, two of whom emigrated to the USA and by two of his grandsons who emigrated from England to Australia.